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rX Soul – Time Moves Slow (Demo)

Check out the newest release of Arizona native rX Soul, but be warned – this hits you with a huge amount of soul, funk and emotion at the same time.

While the track fired its message at me, what impressed me most was the fact that the time actually moves slower within the 3:50 minutes. There are sudden tempo changes built in the tune which showcase the feeling of what its about to live in a long distance relationship perfectly.

Maybe that is the reason this track is really appealing to me… I used to date my then-girlfriend-now-wife for several years with a distance over 120 miles between us. You only got the weekends, and during that time you try to make every second count. The feeling actually can be exactly that – sometimes time flies, sometimes everything seem to happen in slow motion, and while the song lets you groove along those soulful edgy vocals, it manages to capture the feeling of these situations perfectly. The fact that everything in this track feels handmade (even the first whispered, then yelled count-in is a thing of beauty in there in my opinion) and carefully placed makes “Time Moves Slow” the great emotion transmitter it is.

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