Soul Push – Calypso

If you’re up for slow, melodic tunes made of an awesome blend of retro rock, disco pop and melodic vocals, you’ve come to the right place. This is the world of Soul Push, offering you a ticket to the feature that is “Calypso”.

With an awesome amount of soulful retro vibe and an extraordinary percussion, the newest release of Soul Push takes the listener to a soft, warm place to float in. If you listen closely, there’s a lot of energy in between the single tracks to find, yet it’s placed in a real great fashion to be shown just when needed. For example, that guitar with effects only used when tension is needed. Piano chords to fatten up the chorus parts. Those signature “oohs” that make you hum along without you even realizing it.

With the song being about a relationship that you don’t know how to leave, the emotional (and sometimes almost desperate) vocals really put me into the place of the one pleading, when the dreamy high pitched vocals released pressure, injecting some relaxing elements right into my bloodstream. The track really feels like you’re facing the situation while listening. The whole concept of the track is a perfect mix of tension and chill. Probably the guys of Soul Push created a new genre with this track. This, folks, is the first chillension track ever created.

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Florian Maier

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