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Carina T – Bucket List

The newest release of London based singer/songwriter Carina T has a simple, yet huge message for us listeners out there: never give up on your dreams. But… let me ask you a question first: what is better than Carina T? That’s right, folks: three Carinas. Or as I like to call them for now: Triple C.

For several years, I had a post-it on my bathroom mirror that told me “follow your dreams” every morning, and if you ask me, such a post-it should be mandatory for each any every human being out there. But enough of my bathroom interior, let’s talk about the new release of Carina T, shall we.
“Bucket List” would be the modern day, high-definition audiovisual equivalent of such a post-it. This song is packed with energy and positivity. With a lightweight and fun approach, the vocals feel as if they were dancing within the song most of the time. Overall, the track spreads its message in a real uplifting fashion, and if you consider the important topic of the song, keeping the track so positive and light is a thing of beauty in my opinion. As with her previous releases, the beautiful singer knows exactly how to present the message in a way that really reaches the listener.

The video backs said message in a very professional yet fun way, Triple C (see how well that gimmick works?) is a natural in acting as well, and although this was a ton of work for the actors and the production team, they all make it seem so easy and fun, like “hey, you know what would be cool? A music Video.” (I gotta put a red marker over the fact that creating music and video is a time, blood, sweat and tears-consuming project.)
All in all, this track reminds us of what’s on our own bucket list. What do you say – maybe we should start NOW with completing some of the items on that list. You never know what tomorrow has in store for you.

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Florian Maier

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