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Yo//ng Opt/mist – Save It For Ya

The latest single release of Brooks and Shohn, the guys better known as Yo//ng Opt/mist, has a real cool signature styled minimal approach. (‘Cool’ as in ‘sunglasses-at-night’ AND ‘cold’.)

With just the right amount of vocal tracks, music backing elements (both handmade and electro) and drums, they know how to deliver their tune in an unique instantly-stick-to-your-head style. The slightly distorted vocals feel like you would be listening to that little voice in your head. You know, the one that is constantly talking to you throughout the day, telling you what to do or what not do to. (Also the one you often ignore, then later asking yourself ‘why, oh why the hell didn’t I listen to this little mo-fo up there?!?’ yes. that voice.)

With that playful and groovy concept, the track has more than enough groove to keep you constantly moving, and enough unexpected elements to keep the listener curious what’ll happen next. All those sudden changes in the track don’t interrupt the tracks’ flow whatsoever, they’re rather great build-ups with quite an unusual laid back appeal. When the vocals are doubled and/or harmonized, NOW it feels as if there were two voices in your head. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it. Boom, there you have it – your snapshot of life, courtesy of the Yo//ng Opt/mist boys.

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