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Holly Abraham – Landslide

For me, this track somewhat feels like a blanket someone wrapped around you to keep you warm and safe.

With just the right amount of melancholy, the newest release of singer/songwriter Abraham knows how to inject some feel into those cold and grey autumn days. The fragile vocals of the Bristol based artist transmit both emotion and a unique ‘hey, it’s okay’ vibe, while the soft guitar, piano and synth backing tracks fill the track with warmth and room. The track is carefully build with several seemingly tiny things to draw that scenery in the head of the listener. I first thought the tune was quite minimalistic, but if you listen closely, you’ll find a lot of things happening in there that create a whole “landscape” of sound, be it a single reverbed percussive shot, some soft finger snaps or what I like to define as ‘falling rain’.

‘Landslide’ is about changes in life, about how new starts can be a blessing although they are often uncomfortable and unexpected. Humans are getting their feeling of safety from things they know, from repetition and the linear fashion of what they do or know. (I would be a perfect example for this type of human being, by the way.) Often times we tend not to see the beauty in change, and this track reminds us in an outstanding feelable way of the fact that change is important, necessary – and beautiful.

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