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Jez Bonham – Mental Health

Have you ever had someone telling you about how they really feel, and you were sitting there, silent, thinking “damn, all this time and I didn’t have any clue”? That’s pretty much how I felt when listening to this track the first time.

Backed by a muted guitar and a defensive yet decisive rhythm, the emotional vocals of Bonham instantly cut through the protective walls everyone builds around themselves. I was kind of caught off guard when I heard “Mental Health” for the first time, because the tune somehow reached out to me on a very emotional level. Maybe it’s because I was very sensitive that day, maybe it was because it’s autumn and the days now get shorter and darker… but I don’t think that’s the reason. I think that the passionate message told by the canadian singer/songwriter Bonham is so effective because this is a piece of his soul he’s sharing with the listener. As far as I know he’s not an actor. He’s the real deal, and what you see and hear is the naked truth.

To a certain level it’s a bit discomforting when you feel kind of ‘helpless’ as a listener when the intense message is practically thrown at you unfiltered, but at the same time it’s plain awesome when music aims for something deeper than just being ‘a nice tune’. If music is therapy for the artist or the listener, it has to go where it hurts, that’s just how it works. It’s both brave and an outstanding skill to deliver music loaded with this honesty, and the result is breathtaking. THIS is what music is about.

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