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Focus Your Audio – The Risk of You and Me

In this ballad, the sound of the powerful and emotive vocals is merged so exactly with the guitars and the drums in the back that the track invites you to close your eyes and swing along the music in an instant.

This track is constructed so carefully that the sound reminds me of these awesome ice sculptures. (With these sculptures it’s a bit different though, since I don’t have any clue of how someone is able to create such detailed art with a chainsaw. But I might know a thing or two about music.)
First things first, and needless to say, I’m in love with the vocals. They are done in an impressive vocal range, they feel honest and believable to me. And there is an awesome amount of passion delivered with them.

There’s also a lot of details happening within the track, be it partially reverbed vocals, a sleek unexpected drum fill here and there, or a break to shave off the build up tension. Listen closely, guys. Hear that bass line breaking out for that extra melody? What about that rotary effect with the guitar tracks? Those ghost notes on the drums? There are so many aspects in this sound, it actually feels like you were sitting in a park on a sunny day, watching all those people around you doing all those things. You’re surrounded by many facets you can’t take in all at once. For me, sounds like these never get old, they just get familiar.

The latest release of the canadian creatives Sarah and Bobby, better known as “Focus Your Audio”, proves that an effective sound doesn’t have to be compressed and mixed flat, it doesn’t have to be loud nor energetic, it has to be done honest. True. And in my opinion it doesn’t get more honest than this track.

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